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Creative, attentive & passionate

Attracted by new technologies since my childhood, I have always loved creating using digital tools and still remember with clarity and emotion the arrival of the first computer at home.

I started designing websites at the age of 15 in my 2nd year, in high school, in the very early 2000s and spent a considerable and exciting time developing different works during this period. Webmaster, graphic designer, editor-in-chief, graphic designer, freelancer, in charge of referencing and setting up ads... I already touched on the different aspects of the life of a website.


In 2001, I had the chance to finish 4th out of thousands of participants in a national Webdesign contest organized by Multimania (remember Lycos, AOL, ICQ, Winamp, Napster, ...? The era of internet pioneers). I also worked during this period in a Parisian production and communication agency (Petite Planète Production) with a wide range of clients, which was incredibly formative.

Curious, loving to learn and a job well done, I then studied neuropsychology and cognitive sciences for three years before taking a Master 1 in Political Science and passing the school teacher competition.

For ten very good years, I taught with great pleasure and a lot of passion and also became a school principal. I also had the position of Pedagogical Advisor in charge of Digital (ICTE Advisor). I had great pleasure in using digital tools in the classroom to develop children's knowledge while being very attached to the essential values of learning and elementary knowledge that must be the foundation of every citizen.

During my teaching career, I was asked by a parent to create his company's website. A little later, a friend of his ordered me another one ... then another one. This new demand and my desire to undertake pushed me, at the beginning of 2018, to leave the National Education and to create my own company.

In order to perfect my knowledge and skills in SEO and digital marketing, I took courses and passed a certification designed by Google, The Open University and IAB Europe. I have also collaborated with Japanese, Swedish, Australian, Italian, Spanish, Irish artists and web designers with great pleasure. 

I am happy to be able to discover new universes, to deliver digital works that are pleasant to browse and effective for business and I work every day with enthusiasm and rigor. Since the birth of my company, I have become the father of two adorable little boys and have had the chance to work for freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, craftsmen and merchants from different backgrounds and talents.

More than customers, if we work together, I like to be the partner of your activity.

Nature lover, sportsman, literature and photography enthusiast, family man and values, I like to travel the world around me and am always so happy to meet people with multiple life paths, dreams and projects. in order to best help them realize their professional projects by creating the most beautiful online showcase possible.


For a first contact, you can explain your project to me preferablyvia my contact form by clicking hereor by writing to me by email at

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