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Wix Expert

I have been creating websites since the early 2000s. I have been able to test, experience, push to their limits many creation tools, hosting, file transfers, security protocols...

Wix today is 150 million sites in 190 different countries. The tool is ultra-secure, pleasant to use, very intuitive, extra-efficient in SEO and loading speed ... and it comes with super important tools in Digital Marketing too.

For 4 years, I have created 100% of my sites on this platform and I am ultra-satisfied both for the performance of my clients' windows and their feedback.

I have the status of creator called "Legend Partner" with them, which allows my customers and myself to have access to an ultra-responsive technical service, advanced functionalities available before they are distributed to the greatest number and a total peace of mind when putting my creations online.

Here are some elements that determined my choice

1 - Large international companies trust Wix

Lyft, DHL, Hilton are among these big brands...

An example of a well-established Swiss bank:

And as a reminder, the list of my clients is visibleby clicking here

Wix uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud servers as well...the best of the best.

2 - An ever faster site loading for an optimal experience

The choice of host and site creation tools is an essential element for the success of a website as it directly impacts its SEO performance.


The loading speed of a site is a determining factor in this area. This depends on the content to be displayed, the way in which it is integrated and the fundamental technical tools on which the site is based.


Core Web Vitals are the key measure of this element and it is interesting to note the latest developments in the sector.

Over the past few years, Wix has focused on improving load times by prioritizing site performance.


They have created a dedicated team that works exclusively on optimizing the loading speed of the millions of Wix sites created.


If we look at Wix's competitors in France, we can see that Wix is the performance leader (on this graph for Mobile) - with much better results than WordPress, Shopify or PrestaShop.


Well, beautiful developments for a tool that really offers butter and butter's money today!

3 - Security of an exceptional level

No need to update security plugins, Wix takes care of the infrastructure

  • Development of secure software

  • Encryption of sensitive data

  • Secure payments and fight against fraud

  • Third-party risk management

  • 24 hour monitoring

4 - SEO Wix, a complete suite of tools for SEO

SemRush integration, Wiz SEO, that amazing step-by-step SEO optimization tool, site loading speed, easy to feed blog,...  

The results obtained each month attest to this: Wix is far from the reputation it was given until 2016 in the field and is now a master in this sector which is so important for your online presence.

Testimonial from John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google about Wix SEO (2021): 


In an interview, John Mueller from Google answered a question about Wix and SEO, then he elaborated on the example of self-hosting a WordPress site, which a company that wants to switch from Wix to WordPress was doing.


Mueller speaks:


"Wix is great for SEO. A few years ago it was pretty bad in terms of SEO, but they have made fantastic progress and are now a great platform for business. The reputation of the time lives on , but don't be swayed by it. What they've been doing for the last few years is really good stuff, including making it trivial to have a really fast site (as you see in the Lighthouse scores - admittedly, the speed is just a tiny part of SEO.) If Wix works for them and they don't need more, there's no reason to switch"


5 - The most economical solution in the short, medium and long term

Spending my days using Wix, I know their tools by heart and have a high level of mastery of everything they offer. Thus, I work better, faster, and once the site is online, I sleep soundly, as the security tools are efficient and automated.

So, no more sites sold for €6000 by agencies for which I worked...  and no more maintenance packages to be paid every month because I no longer have to intervene every week or even every day to make updates for security reasons or to counter malware or other attacks...

6 - Complete tools accessible to make your life easier and make you perform better online

Want to make changes to your site yourself? Once I've done all the setup, it'll be easy for you to take over the site editor to edit things yourself and publish the site live. No more complicated FTP programs, 

software requiring great knowledge of programming and coding to work on its site... You will have access everywhere and all the time to a powerful and intuitive tool! Also, do not panic, in any case, I remain there to work on your site and guide you or explain you if necessary!

Also, by going through my services, you will have access in the "back office" to a whole range of tools designed to be intuitive and ultra-complementary to your website to boost your activity. Establish quotes and invoices, create posts for networks, write articles for your blog section, link Google analysis services, ...

Of course, I help you, guide and train you with great pleasure in their optimal use!

Discover some of these valuable digital tools for your expansion by clicking here.

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