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from 1690 €

My complete formula ensures you a high quality design and support throughout the life of your site from 1 to 10 pages. My proven service is complete, without surprises and carried out with one objective in mind: to offer you a beautiful online showcase with excellent referencing to maximize its profitability.



from 1690 €

The same follow-up, the same responsiveness, the same attention to detail and the same inspiration during my creation: here are some common points between all my formulas. I wanted to decline my service in three formulas around a time that is ultimately the most variable between the different projects that I carry out each year: the modifications after presentation and before the final online publication.

Two key things to keep in mind:

- I accompany you throughout the life of the site and I intend to continue my activity for at least another 25 years! 

- my follow-up and my responsiveness to your requests for modifications once the site is online are my absolute priorities. Thus, as the comments of my customers attest, I apply myself every day to intervene as quickly as possible on your site when you have a specific modification request to be made. Also, you can touch the site editor yourself to make these modifications and I have a whole range of videos and explanatory texts to provide you with to help you if necessary.

Also, I decided to decline my work in three distinct formulas to best adapt to your desires, needs, work rhythms and priorities.

-Creative Formula: a return request for modifications following the presentation of my work before final online publication.1690€

-Creative Formula +: 3 possible modification request returns after presentation of my work before the final online publication of the site.1990€

-Premium Creative Plan: Returns of unlimited possible modification requests after presentation of my work before the final online publication of the site.2390€

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