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My complete formula ensures you a high quality design and support from A to Z throughout the life of your site. My service is designed to bring you satisfaction and serenity, without surprises and carried out with a single objective in mind: to offer you a beautiful online showcase with excellent referencing to maximize its profitability.


The solution that will be put in place will allow you simple management of your orders and access to various marketing tools such as the design and execution of mailing campaigns, for example.


The  payment service that will be used on your site is Stripe, the ultra-secure market leader making payment quick and simple while allowing easy accounting management. Stripe is used by sites like, Deliveroo,, ...


Delivery :generally 15 to 20 days (guaranteed maximum) following the sending of your content to be implemented.


You will find all of my fields of action concerning the realization of your siteby clicking here.


Site designed to measure high quality, secure and optimized for SEO.


The formula proposed here allows you to benefit from the services described below:

- number of item categories : up to 10.

- attractive design, unique, current and personalized

- implementation of your content (texts, contact details, links, photos, ...)

- shop module: creation of shop pages on the site // creation of product sheets and/ou  services // connection to the bank account of your choice with transfer of funds and enhanced security

- selection and implementation of illustration photos if necessary (usage rights included)

- many features available (galleries, forms, mailing list, blog easy to administer via computer, smartphone or tablet, external links (eg Doctolib, Booking, ...)

- design of a mobile version that is fluid and very pleasant to use

- complete configuration of the back office

- online and test phase

- optimization for natural referencing with precise and detailed actions of a tailor-made plan designed with my expertise and the help of a very powerful tool.

- direct exchanges with me: emails, Google Drive, SMS, Chat Module exclusive to my customers on my website

- infrastructure & technical costs: included in this formula for one year. On the anniversary date, you will be asked €360 (current rate in force) for the renewal of the package giving access to high-level multicloud hosting   (security ++, multiple backups, ... ) and multiple services very useful for digital marketing (to discover here).


3 returns of requests for modifications possible after presentation of my work before the final online publication of the site.


Obviously, I will be there even after my initial creation mission to follow you and make changes if necessary. My support and my responsiveness are among my greatest prerogatives. Minor updates such as adding a photo or modifying texts / schedules or telephone number will be made to you within 24 hours maximum and free of charge. For longer work, a new estimate will be drawn up with an estimate of the hourly volume of the work envisaged in order to be able to announce a fair price to you. The site is well secured with the HTTPS protocol, well in place and designed to last in the best conditions.


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