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The process of creation

I have been creating websites for 20 years now . 4 years that it is my one and only professional activity, the source of income of my  small  family, the heart of my full working days at the service of my clients, their project, their image, their business.

This work fascinates me  always  so much and stimulates me every day of the week (and often on weekends too).

With these years of experience, dozens and dozens of product sites and already more than a million unique visitors to my creations, I have always  promised  to learn again and again  always, of each encounter, of each  project, of each situation.

Thus, I tried to design the most optimal customer relationship and creative process in terms of time, productivity, creativity, rigor and above all  satisfaction  customer.

Here is how our relationship would unfold if you did me the honor of placing your trust in me for the creation of your website as part of my "Pro" packages.

1/ Your Project

You tell me about your project by email or via the contact form on this page .  

2/ My first return

I will answer you in the following hours to ask you for clarification, if necessary, or to send you my quote directly.

3/ My quote

In order to standardize the procedure to save time and be more efficient, and even if each project is unique and different, my prices are displayed on my website.

Once I have sufficient data in my possession (number of pages, particular functionalities, formula chosen, etc.), I will write you a detailed estimate explaining the different aspects of my intervention. I also note there additional explanations concerning the estimated delivery date, the administration of the site in the future, etc ...

You receive your quote on the mailbox of your choice. You can then consult it, save it or print it. Thanks to my management tools, you can also accept it online directly. This act also acts as an electronic signature and triggers the automatic sending of a  e-mail  confirmation containing my professional bank details.


You can then, if you do me the honor of placing your trust in me, initiate the payment of the 50% deposit. Upon receipt, for my part, I block production slots for you in my agenda. I then set you a delivery date after this confirmation of good receipt. I also send you an invoice for my service on which appears the payment of this deposit.

4/ The collection of your desires and needs

The work continues and the creation begins! I give you access to a workspace on Google Drive itself containing files and documents to organize our relationship.  You will see, everything is numbered, accessible online in your browser directly. I thought and designed this space to allow you to give me your content and aspirations as simply as possible. I can send you my questions and documents to be completed by email directly as well if you prefer.

This step is crucial and should allow you to express all your  expectations.  

My goal: to allow you to have the website you want, that your activity deserves, with a Premium aspect , attractive for the Internet user with the image of great seriousness and total security.

5/ Creation

Once we have  brought together the elements I know I need for creation, I enter "creative tunnel" mode. I then produce the site, implement your information, create its  tree structure, structure each of the pages, place videos and photos that you have provided me or more generally that I find with great care, refine each link, each aspect,  small  or large, of your site. I work on SEO, setting up specific modules like a blog / news section if you want one, the contact page form, etc ... This big job is the part where your project comes to life in this great digital universe that is internet.

6/ Presentation of my work

It's time to present to you my creation thought to be as successful as possible according to my knowledge in Webdesign, User Interface, User Experience, Conversions and SEO. After the payment of the second half of the payment, allowing me among other things to pay all the technical costs inherent in the operation in the best conditions of your website, I send you the link to  this working version and leaves you to study it closely.


7/ Changes  

Here again, as for the collection of information, two possible choices:

- you can fill out a document in the Drive to help you report to me.

- you submit your requests at your own pace by email.

That there are no changes to be made or small or large to make: no problem between us! What is most important to me is that the site  you  100% suitable.


Of course, with the habit, my experience and my knowledge in the field, I sometimes have an idea different from yours on certain aspects. I tell you then in all transparency.


8/ Back Office

in parallel  during this period of alterations (I like this term which fits the idea that I have of my practice as both a creator or a digital craftsman), I take care of the Back Office part of the site.

I work on SEO via a mission plan in the field tailor-made for your activity with very specific actions to be carried out on each page for maximum efficiency: texts, titles, image names, description for Google, meta tags, keywords, ... Everything must be optimized from the start to have a good Quality Score and lead your site to the first search results over time.


If your site is commercial, I implement:

- online payment via the creation of a Stripe account (leader in the field, ultra-secure, very intuitive for management, low fees .. in short, the perfect solution for e-commerce!).,,, ...  small  or major Web players use this service. Your customers will also have the possibility to pay via PayPal, by Bank Transfer... according to your wishes. With Stripe,  the  income from the site is transferred the day after the sale to the bank account of your choice.

- the terms of delivery. Chronopost, UPS, Fedex, Private Parcel ... I  advise  also in the field.  

9/ Your site is  ready !

Ready to sell, ready to sell, ready to give the best image possible of who you are, of what  you  done. In front office or back office, everything is adjusted to the millimeter ready to last and perform! I connect the domain name you already own or reserve it for you. The site is ready to  to be  traveled around the world. I provide you with the access codes to a whole marvelous space around your site. Because yes: you also have access with your hosting package to various very nice and useful tools for managing your activity, administering your site and  Web marketing.


I will mention here a super simple and intuitive online store management tool for adding, removing or modifying items as well as for managing your orders (my customers have largely passed the 100,000€ sales mark via my sites), a tool editing of top-notch quotes and invoices, a tool also for creating information or promotional mailing lists via the editing of classy and effective mailing campaigns... A treat!

10/ Always connected.

Our relationship does not end there. Although the site is online, thought to be sustainable and autonomous, I will always be there  for  you, to answer you and help you as soon as possible. I know what I owe to my clients, I live from my passion and work on my own in a field that I love  particularly  and that, I owe it to the confidence that one and the other grant me over time. Also, I assure you, my clients are my absolute priority and their satisfaction my greatest obsession. Today, the recommendation exceeds the arrival of new prospects by advertising in  line or referencing and it is one of my greatest prides. So, if you need information, advice, management help or want to change  your  site, you will make me a  small  email and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I have also set up a live chat module on my site reserved exclusively for my customers.  

Additional information

A little reminder: by going through me, your site  belongs  at 100%, you have all the codes and all the explanations for optimal use of all the services related to its existence: email marketing campaigns, store management, creation of posts for social networks, etc...  I wish, by the implementation of all this creative system, a transparent, clear, fair, profitable and sustainable web with in sight your full and complete satisfaction at all times of the life of your site.

More than just a Webmaster, I truly want to be your ally and your consultant for your online activities. So, I assure you, I would always be happy to answer all your questions, whether  this is for your website, your Google Ads campaigns or your image on social networks for example.

Thank you for reading me so far, I am at your service  and do not hesitate to contact me via the form on the dedicated page or directly at . _

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